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Allegations of criminal assault range from Attempted Murder to Misdemeanor bar fights, though in most cases, many charges are felony offenses. The defense attorneys with The Law Firm of Wampler & Souder L.L.C. can provide you with the legal representation and counsel required to protect your rights. Serving Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC, the lawyers with our Law Firm are not here to make friends with local prosecutors.

These Prosecutors, along with politicians and judges, have dedicated their efforts to try to ensure severe penalties for “violent criminals” with maximum jail time. If you are charged with any kind of assault, they’re aiming at you. You’ll want and need a criminal defense Attorney to defend your interests. Watch out; they don’t even have to prove that you hit or hurt anyone, just that you caused fear of bodily harm. Some prosecutors may even push cases for political or future economic gain (Resume Builders), even when the victim doesn’t want to press charges. Remember former Viking quarterback Warren Moon? Contact our office today at (301) 942-0802 to consult with an attorney.

In every case of criminal assault, you have to be extremely careful and quick in finding the right defense attorney to represent you. Penalties for assault can be quite severe depending on the specifics of the incident. In Criminal Law, you do not want to wait to select legal representation. Our law firm has the experience and expertise you need to protect yourself against a wide array of criminal assault charges. Contact our office today at (301) 942-0802 or use our fast online Criminal Defense Consultation request form.

Just some of the Legal Services our defense lawyers can provide in MD, VA and the District of Columbia include:

  • Attempted Murder
  • Brawls / Fights
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Sexual Assault
  • Domestic Assault
  • Assault With A Deadly Weapon
  • Simple Assault
  • Aggravated Battery
  • Armed Robbery
  • Claims of Rape
  • and Many More

If you have been charged with assault you need advice from a Maryland attorney. Contact us for a free consultation with a lawyer over the phone or in one of Maryland offices in Frederick, Howard, Montgomery or Prince George’s Counties.

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