Construction Law Frequently Asked Questions

Are You Having Trouble Getting Paid?
A Construction Law attorney from our law firm can help you pursue a collection action against an owner, builder, or general contractor who is not paying you. Our Attorneys can also help you obtain a mechanic’s lien. We have years of experience in handling construction matters, and are licensed to address such legal matters in D.C., Maryland, and Virginia.

Is Your Contract in Order?
Our Law Firm can help you prepare a builder or subcontractor agreement in a manner that will best protect you. If you perform home improvement work in Maryland, the Home Improvement Commission has strict requirements with regard to the content of your contract. If your contract is not in order, you may be subject to fines of up to $5,000 per violation. If you have ever spoken with a contractor who has been before the Home Improvement Commission, he or she may tell you that the proceedings seem to be slanted in favor of the homeowner. We can prepare your contract in a manner that will make a Home Improvement Commission action against you much more difficult for a homeowner to pursue.

Are You Being Sued or Having a Problem with the State?
At The Law firm of Wampler & Souder L.L.C., our comprehensive Legal Services can help you defend against a lawsuit or Home Improvement Commission proceeding. We also can help you with code enforcement actions and construction-related Criminal Charges if necessary.

Do You Need Other Questions Answered?
You may have many legal questions that we have not addressed above. So that we can meet and get to know each other, please call in and schedule an appointment. Evening and weekend appointments are available. Please Contact our office at (301) 942-0802.

When and Where Can I Arrange a Meeting?
We have four Maryland law offices in Kensington, Frederick, Upper Marlboro and Columbia  (Montgomery, Frederick, Howard and Prince George’s Counties) where you can meet with one of our attorneys. You can schedule a meeting with a lawyer at a time that is convenient for you including evenings and weekends.

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