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Our firm has handled hundreds of bankruptcy cases and can shepherd you through the many pitfalls that exist in bankruptcy. Internet petition preparers often charge as much or more than attorneys and do sloppy and unacceptable work. Our fees are a small fraction of the debt that is eliminated and are well worth the investment.

You will need to consult with one of our attorneys to make an informed decision about the bankruptcy process and provide documents. Here are our current questionnaire and disclosure forms. We will need the documents requested. Our staff will follow up to obtain additional information and discuss important issues with you. You will meet with an attorney when your paperwork is ready to sign and discuss any remaining issues. You will need to complete an inexpensive and brief credit counseling course (this can be done over the internet or by phone).

Your initial consultation with a Wampler & Souder L.L.C. bankruptcy attorney costs nothing and can answer many of the Legal Questions you might presently have. Further, our consultation is designed to put you in the best possible position to understand the Process of Bankruptcy while assisting you in understanding all of your debt relief options.

For the best Maryland bankruptcy attorney legal advice contact us for a free initial attorney consultation over the phone or in one of Maryland offices in Frederick, Montgomery or Prince George’s Counties.

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